Children of Peace and the Dogs of War

If someone were to walk up to you and slap you in the face you’d probably A) slap them back B) stand there startled and confused or C) get a nearby authority/someone to help.  All of these seem to be rather valid responses to being attacked.  Now, if that same person were to tell you that over the course of your life they would steal your money, brainwash you into praising them as a savior, degrade your wife, sister, niece, daughter, mother, and kill you if you didn’t like it, what would you do?  Well, in this post 9-11 world in which we live, chances are you’d think they were your best friend, or potential “bad boy lover,” like a Twilight novel or a Sons of Anarchy biker.  The true consequences of a choice in supporting them would be so intriguingly “mysterious” that, heck, it’d be nice to know just what those consequences were and learn the hard way!  So let’s go over a few lessons we’re learning the hard way:

From a new article on the austerity in America:

All over the country cities are passing laws making it illegal to feed the homeless, and in other instances cities are actually making it illegal to be homeless.

Have you ever had to skip meals because you simply could not afford to buy enough food?

Have you ever wondered how you were going to make it to the next paycheck?

When you look into the eyes of your hungry children and you realize that your best efforts have not been good enough to provide what they need it can be absolutely soul crushing.

And when you have lost everything it quickly becomes apparent that most people in society simply do not care about you.

About a third of the country is already on some form of welfare. Another family falling out of the middle class and into poverty is not going to cause anyone to sit up and take notice.

And another recent article:

The New York Times reported that when the details of [Paul Ryan’s] proposals were run past focus groups, they found that the plan is so cruel that voterssimply refused to believe any politician would do such a thing.”

In addition to phasing out the Earned Income Tax Credit that keeps millions of American families above the poverty line and cutting funding for children’s healthcare in half, Jonathan Cohn described the “America that Paul Ryan envisions” like this:

Many millions of working-age Americans would lose health insurance. Senior citizens would anguish over whether to pay their rent or their medical bills, in a way they haven’t since the 1960s. Government would be so starved of resources that, by 2050, it wouldn’t have enough money for core functions like food inspections and highway maintenance.

And another:

A new Tax Justice Network (TJN) USA report reveals an estimated $21 – $32 trillion of hidden and stolen wealth stashed largely tax-free secretly.

It’s astonishing, considering the pain experienced by millions across the world from Greece, Spain, Yemen, America, and on and on, that so much money is just sitting there doing nothing but fueling the greed of a few psychopathic personalities.  And yet none of us hold the levers of power, so we’re forced to listen as the newest idiot forces his ideas turds down our throats as he rakes in more cash from his overlords, who seem to always be miles ahead of everyone else.

From SOTT:

Right now, Wall Street insiders and central banks all around the globe are making some very unusual moves. In fact, they appear to be rapidly preparing for something really big.

So exactly what are they up to? In a previous article entitled “Are The Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?“, I speculated that they may be preparing for a financial meltdown of some sort. As I noted in that article, more than 600 banking executives have resigned from their positions over the past 12 months, and I have been personally told that a substantial number of Wall Street bankers have been shopping for “prepper properties” this summer.

So that’s a list of things we get to learn from, and expect, after having handed over the economy to central banks and allowed the “too big to fail” to usurp our money supply.  And what if we say something about it?

From Global Research:

A former top NSA official turned whistleblower, William Binney, who resigned in 2001 shortly after the agency stood-up the Bush regime’s warrantless wiretapping programs (now greatly expanded under Hope and Change™ huckster Barack Obama), “held his thumb and forefinger close together” and told Bamford, “We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”

Last week, Binney said on Democracy Now when queried whether there were any differences between the Bush and Obama administrations, “Actually, I think the surveillance has increased. In fact, I would suggest that they’ve assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about U.S. citizens with other U.S. citizens.”

I’ve got to say we’ve probably yet to learn what happens when we allow this to carry on.  I’d guess it’s bad. Combined with all of the other lessons we’re going to get to learn, I’d say it’s weeping and gnashing of teeth bad.

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