The top 10 reasons “The Sequester” won’t work

Here’s Ben Swann giving us the low-down on what’s going on (officially) with sequestration.

So in other words, our officials are so lazy that this is the best that they can offer America.   Matt Taibbi says that it’s the Tea Party base that really pushed the Republicans into the corner that has led to this “showdown”:

Obviously, most of the problem was originally driven by the intractability of a Republican Party energized politically by its Tea Party base, which preferred the nuclear option of a default or a government shutdown to increased debt and/or new taxes.

Well Matt’s right on a lot of things and thankfully someone writing for the public still has integrity. But let’s not forget that the Tea Party is a creation of the corporate class, the class our elected officials are beholden too. And the corporate class is beholden to the banks that grease their palms. So while “our” officials put on their spandex and face-paint to strut around the ring while the crowd cheers and jeers, they’re all riding in the same limo to the strip-club.

So let’s cover the top 10 reasons that sequestration will never work.

1. Our money IS debt

Whenever the government needs money it has to go to the Federal Reserve and ask for it.  They then create it by loaning it to the government. It immediately begins accruing interest.  So with that simple fact every dollar that comes out requires more than a dollar to be paid off.  Impossible, right? Magnify that trillions of times and what do we have?  A handful of rich bankers and a country that does their bidding.

And that’s the top 10 reasons why sequestration will never work.

So don’t let them scare you with their nightmarish visions from hell about what America will look like now.  They’ve allowed this to happen through the bail-outs and treating every American citizen as a potential terrorist.  And for those who prepare for the worst, those horrible “preppers”, they harass them.  So don’t let them scare you, because they’re idiots.  Do what’s best for you and your family, one step at a time.

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