You may notice that I write quite a bit concerning politics.  The main purpose of this blog is to serve as the vehicle through which I can publish the short stories, poetry, and articles that both articulate and question the core assumptions of our culture.  As for current events, I’m not very “politically correct”.  Those two words never made much sense to me, at least in forming some sort of personal orientation towards the world.  Reality is never politically correct, because reality does not conform to sound bites.  We do not get to dispose of things we don’t like by pron0uncing them away, or by simply ignoring them.

So is he a liberal or a conservative?  A few years ago I would have answered liberal, if I’d answered at all.  Well, if there’s anything that Barack Obama has taught me it’s that I have a lot more in common with conservatives than I’d previously thought.  And I’m not talking about “conservatives”.  I’m talking about the core values of real conservatives.  They’re the exact same as those of liberals.  It’s simply that both groups have been hijacked by political correctness.  By being subservient to special interests.

So what I truly mean by all this is that, regardless of your American political affiliation, since most of my readers are American, I hope that you can simply listen to what I have to say, and post your own thoughts.  I am more than willing to engage in conversation and dialogue with you as long as you are open to listening.  I am because, like I said, Barack Obama has destroyed my belief in the progressive attitude.  Reality has destroyed that belief.  If this is where that attitude ends, on bended knee before the throne of drones, then I am open once more to a wider value system, a wider knowledge base, and the growth of knowledge that that entails.

So welcome to the Books of the Koonie Boonus, a blog for both the aspiring wise woman and the aspiring wild man.  I hope you have fun here.

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