The Few that Remain pt 1

“Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.”
― Dag Hammarskjöld

America continues to sink into a black pit of despair, seemingly way beyond its event horizon.  Chris Hedges refers to our future as one of sacrifice zones; those areas on this planet where the dead are simply consequences of a corporation’s cost-benefit analysis.  Few remain who willingly make the superhuman efforts required  to protect the living world and her children.  But they are out there.  They remain.

Chris Hedges is

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one of the last to stand up to the corporate power that has taken America by the throat and strangled her until her purse spills to the ground.  He is America’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He is one of the last to stand while those with eyes to see turned their heads to avoid what their eyes were seeing.

It’s absolutely imperative that we begin to understand what unfettered, unregulated capitalism does,” Hedges emphasized. “These are sacrifice zones, areas that have been destroyed for quarterly profit. And we’re talking about environmentally destroyed, communities destroyed, human beings destroyed, families destroyed. And because there are no impediments left, these sacrifice zones are just going to spread outward.”

The whole world has become a sacrifice zone.  The shopping mall, main street, the Middle East, Africa and South America, the ground our families walk upon, even our families, are all sacrificed by idiots whose only sense of value is in self-indulgence.  Hedges openly defies corporate power.  He openly defies imperialism. Hedges stood up to Obama, suing him for claiming the right to take the sons and daughters of this world for any reason whatsoever.

English: Hugo Chávez

English: Hugo Chávez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hugo Chavez, another of those normal human beings with normal human faults,  took his power and turned his corner of the world into a better place. The corporate empire mocked him for his sensitivity towards the poor and towards the human spirit. In the end, his last words were that he did not want to die:

The sanctification of Venezuela’s charismatic leader Hugo Chavez continued in earnest on Tuesday as his last words were revealed to be “Please don’t let me die” – an entreaty uttered because, the government said, he so desperately wanted to continue serving the Venezuelan people.

It might or might not have been murder, but rest assured we know who benefits.  In our cancerous society only thugs make it out with dignity. But this man did what he could to make life worth living for those who followed him.  He was vilified because he would not turn his country into a sacrifice zone.  It’s too soon to say what the future will hold.  But for his effort the lives of millions reflect the choice he provided for economic and social justice.  He lives on in each of them, because he sacrificed himself.

Thanks to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, one of the last to stand up for unvarnished truth in a time of total deceit, history begins to reveal herself to us. Despite years of organized mud-slinging she churns out the true nature of our past, our present, and what it portends for our future.lauraknightjadczyk

In spite of the pathological persistence of her defamers, and in fact because of it, she uncovered the psychological and sociological science of Ponerology.  She brought to light the darkest secret of empire and social decay, discovered under the horrors of Nazi and Communist rule. She brought it from the edge of the abyss, reaching out to its pioneer the late Lobaczewski, himself marginalized by pathological networks.  Following the tracks led her to uncover the role of cosmic catastrophes in shoving humanity’s collective face into the mud, where the pathological simply had to place his boot over our collective face.  Because of her extensive suffering and life-long work she reveals the true labors of liberation.

“An anthropocentric worldview where man believes he is in control stops people – even people in power – from being aware of the realities of our existence on this planet which include civilization destroying cosmic events.”

My mind drifts from these extraordinary figures to the people they stand up and speak out for. I’m speaking of a girl I saw standing outside the other day, her mother leaving her outside in the cold to drive off to another party, her father nowhere in sight and for good reason.  This girl was young and you’ve seen her brown hair before, her yellow raincoat a hand-me-down so big she swims in it.  You’ve seen her sad, crying eyes before.

As I opened the door I heard her wailing for someone in this god-forsaken universe to care for her, for her mother to come back for her. I suddenly understood that, in these spreading sacrifice zones, few speak her language any more.  She is mute.  She does not exist to them.  So even if they heard they would not understand. There is no computer program on this planet that can translate for our society what it means to be a girl in a sacrifice zone, her mother leaving her behind to enjoy hours of intoxication and the avoidance of reality.  With a heavy heart we found her shelter, and we found her siblings.  But though I can still hear her crying, I also still remember the glimmer of hope in her eyes when she saw her sisters again.  Long live the king.

And her counterpart, the young boy who turned his pop-tart into a mountain, only to face a school lock-down because someone thought he shaped it into a gun.  The boy whose only crime was to, in his childish way, emulate the pathological culture of violence he was born into, one which turned around to throttle him for doing so.  And his reply?  That he is still hungry. Young man, so are we.

I am not afraid of a heavy heart.  I am  not afraid of the pain of seeing the darkness that has been unleashed on this planet.  Because the more that we see, the more active we become, the more that the light finds a crack through which to shine. I am only afraid that I will not be as active as I could have been. That there is a stone that remains unturned.

At the end of this collective folly we call history it seems we can only react to the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” thrown down from on high.  The psychopath has the higher ground, and we are trapped through law, morals, and customs that require obedience and meekness in the face of evil.  But the psychopath does not have the highest ground.  The universe has the final say, and it is loud and furious in its condemnation of human strife and ignorance.    The cosmos provides the battle cry for her children, and ultimately engulfs them:

when volcanoes erupt or comets blaze across the sky or meteor storms and weather anomalies increase, the illusion collapses, the raison d’être of the elites (i.e. protecting the people) collapses and the target has always and will ever be, ultimately, the ruling classes.

America sinks into a pit of despair, seemingly far beyond its event horizon.  The fever reaches its climax. So it’s with a heavy heart that I rejoice in knowing that no empire lasts forever.  I rejoice with a heavy heart because a few still remain. That knowledge, that light, can never die. Long live the king, the spirit, the essence that blesses the defenders of her kingdom which knows no limits, which conquers every fear.  May she rise again from her grave in whatever form he, or she, chooses.

“Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.”
― Dag Hammarskjöld


All roads lead to The Corporation

As I noted in my previous posts, there is quite a lot of activity in both the skies and on the ground.  It is clear to me that they seem to mirror one another in a strange way.  And with the continuum of people who seem A) either not to care in the slightest or B) are extremely interested in learning and doing more, it is also clear that “[i]nterpretations of crises are central, ideological aspects in class struggle.”

What kind of class struggle?  Well, from what I’ve learned there are essentially two classes of people: those with conscience and those without. There are shades in between of course, and the shades can be found throughout religions, societies, clubs, and you get the point (everywhere there are people). But in today’s society, with the focus of “money is evil,” and the ensuing romanticization of poverty along with the enormous stress of even having a heart, I am not surprised when I find that the most generous type of person is among the lower strata. Perhaps they are just hardwired to finish last. Or perhaps it’s because the higher one goes, the more compassion one must sacrifice.  Either way, it’s likely because we have unconsciously adapted to a world where liars win and good guys lose. Every road leads to a corporation, all of our lives are controlled by corporations, and their mandate is to lie, cheat and steal to maximize their returns. As a result we have not only lost our character. We have become character disturbed.

Many free societies have developed cultures of permissiveness and entitlement prompting far too many persons to enter adulthood not adequately socialized and evidencing profound deficiencies of character, sometimes well past their mid-life years…

We thought we had no power to stop what was happening.  While the sociopaths, psychopaths, and the personality disordered were following their lust for power into gangs, mafias, banks, churches and governments, the person with a spark of conscience remained glued to their home, some more and some less aware of the growing chaos. But few did anything. Why?  Because people needed them.  Many coming from narcissistic families, where they had to please everyone and deny their own needs, they give themselves away for free.  I am still not surprised at how much I and others are willing to give away for free.  Well it’s time to demand payment.  It’s time to stop showing love and tenderness to those who don’t really want it, but instead just suck our life force like leaches. It’s time to learn the difference between those who truly care and those who don’t. And to learn what is worth caring about.  I personally don’t care what time it is, or where we are as a society or as individuals, there’s always time to see the light.

“It is never too late to turn on the light. Your ability to break an unhealthy habit or turn off an old tape doesn’t depend on how long it has been running; a shift in perspective doesn’t depend on how long you’ve held on to the old view.

When you flip the switch in that attic, it doesn’t matter whether its been dark for ten minutes, ten years or ten decades.

The light still illuminates the room and banishes the murkiness, letting you see the things you couldn’t see before.

Its never too late to take a moment to look.”

― Sharon Salzberg

But to take the risk of turning on that light means we have to banish our childhood fear.  That fear that, if we peak our head out from under the covers, we will see what was hiding there all along. That fear that we are potentially wrong about everything. And the false hope that ignorance will keep us safe. It hasn’t.  One thing I am almost certain we are almost universally wrong about: that we are the only ones going through this mess!

Turning on the light sounds so easy.  It’s just the flip of the switch.  But we are stumbling through the attic blind.  In fact, most of us don’t even know that we are stuck in the attic.  Insert the allegory of the cave here.  So we need someone who can tell us the truth. We need someone who can show us real, conscious love through their brutal honesty with us.  Without that  love is just the attraction through dopamine and various chemical triggers.  Without that love is just the movement of the hips or the broadness of the shoulders.

Real love doesn’t exist in most our lives.  It takes effort, knowledge, wisdom, awareness.  And that is why, during times of crisis, having a framework that one has created through reading, observing, thinking, and acting is an act of love towards the world. It could be the fundamental class struggle, especially consider long-term survival.  Just think what the world would be like if people could express their thoughts to one another without fear, without intimidation.  A world without fear, and communities of honesty and real courage.  And perhaps, besides the powerful potential an acknowledgment of truth has in developing our sense of conscience, love and community, we offer something back to the earth by making it a firm pillar of our internal, subjective, world.

“One of the main aims of this book is to see what it means for us that the Earth itself is a living being. Within a living organism everything that exists has a function, a role to play, in the whole of the life of which it is a part. Therefore, the meaning of human life is inseparable from the function that the human species is meant to serve as part of the living Earth. The central question of my book is: What, then, does the Earth really need from us?—far beyond the kind of efforts we are making to fix the environmental crisis  we have created.  Since everything human is part of the Earth, and is meant to play an essential role in the very evolution of the Earth—then everything human, including especially our inner and most inmost life, has an essential function within the life of the planet.”

-Jacob Needleman

And I think it begins with talking and listening sincerely.


It was in 2005 that I first entered the word “fireballs” into Google and found out  just how significant an issue for society these comets and meteorites can become.  So the past week has been quite an interesting, eye opening, and shocking experience as Cuba, Russia, and California have been lit up by these harbingers of destruction.

As I joked on facebook, now is about the time that senators should start talking about legislating away these phenomena, but then I remembered that those in control of decision making have actually classified any incoming fireballs, effectively blindfolding the public. So what are we supposed to make of this?  We have the NDAA effectively implementing a military justice system in the United States, so that anyone who speaks out can be arrested and detained indefinitely.

“In broad terms, the stakes I think are very high, because what our case comes down to is, are we going to have a civil justice system in the United States, or a military justice system? The civil justice system is something that’s ingrained in the Constitution and was always very important in combating tyranny and building a democratic society. And what the NDAA is trying to impose is a system of military justice that allows the military to police the streets of America, to detain U.S. citizens, to detain residents in the United States, in military prisons. And I say that probably the most frightening aspect of the NDAA is that it allows for detention, quote, ‘until the end of hostilities.’ We’re now, by my count, at day 4,163 of this war, which is an open-ended war against al-Qaida, the Taliban, and now it’s defined as ‘associated forces’ in the NDAA.”

And of course we have the Patriot Act, the Espionage Act, the drones are being unleashed over American soil and of course the list goes on.  With the quasi police state being jammed down our throats, and meteorites crashing down on us while we are blindfolded in advance, possibly in order to keep us from knowing when and how to protect ourselves, it’s time to admit that the lies that we’ve believed have led us down this path.  And it’s only seeking the truth, as those who have read this far are obviously doing, that can maximize our survival rate.  It ain’t over until it’s over.  So until then let’s live our lives like we deserve to.  Leave no stone unturned and good day!

Update:  There is a radio show that will be covering this topic extensively, beginning at 1:00 Central time here in the US.  You can find it here at blogtalk radio.